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About Chavah

 Hi Everyone! I'm Chavah Benzion! I'm a Midwife and Doula, and I  LOVE what I do - which is good- because after 27 years of  attending births, I'm still excited to get up in the morning (or at night) and help folks get the support, information, and encouragement they need to get off to a great start! I earned my License to practice Midwifery in 2003, and have also been a professional Doula since the late 1990s. I usually take on between 3-4 birth clients a month, which allows me the spend time forming a close, trusing relationship with the people I'm caring for. I feel strongly that one can have a positive and healthy pregnancy and birth experience at home, a birth center, or in the hospital. The key is having the right support!!!

I'm a mother to four remarkable children who are by far my biggest teachers, and love spending time with them. I also make time for hiking and camping, playing in my garden, dancing, traveling and having adventures. I love learning new things, meeting new people, laughing, and just being an imperfect yet authentic human being. 

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