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Praise for Ask A Midwife


Chavah has been an amazing support throughout my whole pregnancy and beyond. Whether its a health concern I've had or a discomfort from the pregnancy I didn't know how to deal with, Chavah has always been there to provide confident, personalized reassurance. This is not something easily available in Israel, as all too often doctors are quick to send you to ER, or the opposite; dismiss your concerns entirely without truly understanding the woman and her health background.—Gila


Pregnancy and childbirth often leave me feeling vulnerable an uncertain. There are so many things to worry about and cause anxiety. It's so calming to have a resource as great as Ask a Midwife to put my heart at ease--Bruria


Ask a midwife helps fill in the gaps in conventional care due to time. Chavah answers you questions in a timely fashion and with great depth that is needed--RST


When hormones and new country can drive you mad, Chavah is here to help you and calm you down.--Keren


Honestly, I love reading all the questions/responses, it's just really interesting. I'm not currently pregnant, but I still I feel like I have so much more information and learn when it's an appropriate time to seek medical attention or just let it slide. Plus, you realize you're not alone, and if others have done it, you can to. And we can encourage each other.--Danya


 Ask a Midwife not only helps pregnant and postpartum women, it also helps birth professionals such as myself - doulas, and budding midwives - see how an experienced midwife answers questions quite thoroughly and kindly. Ask a Midwife, thereby, functions not only as an advisor, but as a mentor as well.--Chaya


This is a forum I've never really been embarrassed to ask questions on, and that's really saying something. Chavah Meira BenZion, you're this non-judgemental, open, interested, interesting, knowledgeable, empathetic and loving woman who made a group - just to help people. For free! I wish i could contribute financially, ,and iyH one day soon I will be able to. this is a really invaluable resource and safe space for, it seems, many women. Thank you for investing your time and yourself--Yonit


There is nothing like "Ask  A Midwife." Where else can someone access such a caring and professional  midwife with such ease and convenience? Nowhere. This is it. -Miriam L.


Living in israel is amazing, but not without its challenges. Being unable to fully understand the language and how the system works here is always frustrating, but when you are pregnant you can’t afford to be in the dark about your own care. Chavah has created a much needed service that solves this very issue. She answers your questions in a timely manner, and asks you everything she needs to know to give you a personalized answer, not just the general answer you will find on Google. She treats all women that come to her equally with respect, regardless of their ability to pay her. Ask A Midwife is such an amazing service, and could easily be a private service that she charges for, but she chooses to help all women.-Tessa


Ask a Midwife is so crucial to the hearts of so many women. It offers a service to help women keep up a natural pregnancy, labour, birth and anything postnatal. Chavah Meira offers information from her heart that is full of evidence based information and important facts. In today's society where inducing women, medicated births, bottles and supplementation are so big, Chavah Meira offers women a motherly ear and a big hug. As a Lactation Consultant I love looking to Ask A Midwifes posts and seeing how hard women are trying to attain their goals. As a pregnant mother in a new country, it's nice to turn to her to get advice on how to advocate my way through the system and understand it better.
Keep up the awesome work Chavah Meira.

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