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Womb Tea

Womb Tea


A nourishing, toning, and strengthening herbal tea for daily use in pregnancy and postpartum.




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    Womb Tea, also called NORA tea - named for the four herbs that make up this special blend - Nettles, Oatstraw, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Alfalfa - is one of the most relied-upon herbal tea blends for nourishing, toning, and strengthening the uterus during pregnancy. 

    The Uterus is a hollow muscle that holds the baby during pregnancy. In preparation for birth, the uterus works to strengthen itself by tightening and releasing throughout the day. The womb knows it needs to be really strong in order to move the baby down into the pelvis and out of the body when the time comes to give birth. A strong womb can contract (tighten) more efficiently - which can help get the job done in less time. A uterus that lacks strength can work harder and become tired more easily, which can lead to longer, more tiring, and less effective labor patterns. 

    Womb tea helps the uterus tone itself throughout the pregnancy. Midwife recommendation is to prepare 2-4 Tbs of the lose tea using a french press or just pour boiling water over the herbs, leaving them to steep for 30 minutes (or longer for a more potent brew) Strain and drink 1-2 cups a day in second and third trimesters of pregnancy. From 13 weeks to full term. 


    *Always ask your Midwife or other trained care provider before using and medications, supplements, or herbal formulas during pregnancy. 

    ** If you have a history of premature labor or threatened early birth, consult your care provider before using this product.

    *** Some pregnant people will experience an increase in the normal and painless Braxton Hicks contractions of pregnancy after using this product. In this instance, the recommendation is to drink 1/2 cup a day for the first week, then 1 cup a day until the third trimester, then 1-2 cups daily until delivery. 

    **** Please do not drink this tea if you are concerned about any effects. The ingredients in Womb Tea are considered very safe for pregnancy, for children, for postpartum, and for men as well as women. 

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