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Special Fundraising Campaigns

We are currently raising funds to help a dear member of the community stay out of a wheelchair! This woman is the mother of young children, she suffers from Insulin Dependant Diabetes, severe chronic lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and intervertebral disk degeneration in her lumbar spine. The family lives on a very low monthly income and specialists have told her that her condition is too high risk and they won’t be able to even attempt the surgery to repair her spine.


Her doctors have ordered her to receive monthly steroid injections and  weekly therapeutic bodywork if she wants to keep her ability to walk. This amazing woman is a long time client of mine and though she cannot afford the treatments, I have been able to give her a number of treatments in the past. She has so much pain-relief afterwards, sometimes lasting an entire week. Please, if anyone can donate a small amout towards her getting weekly care, she will B'ezrat HaShem be walking and caring for her family in YOUR zechut (merit)



We are aiming to collect 600nis ($160) per month to give her the weekly treatments. Any donation amount helps. Click the wheelchair to donate and help this special lady maintain a better quality of life!!!

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